HP-UX Download and Installation Instructions

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Important Note for Existing Network Node Manager Customers:

Do not use these images to upgrade an existing NNM installation.  If you do, your NNM software will stop functioning at the end of the 60 day evaluation.  Customers on update services should instead use their update software and update license to perform an upgrade from a previous release.


HP-UX Download and Installation Instructions for NNM

By downloading this evaluation image, you are verifying that you have read and agreed to the terms of the license, and understand that this evaluation software is offered to you with no support.  This evaluation version is essentially the same as a full product version, with some files removed to speed download.  For a list of additional files included in the full version, click here.

  1. You will need about 72MB of disk space for the extracted installation image (76MB for HP-UX 11.0), and about 81MB of disk space for the installed product.  After installing you may remove the downloadable gunzip'd file and the extracted image directory. Download the installation image from the following link and save the file to your local disk (such as /tmp/nnmeval.targz).  You may find it better to use Shift-click or pick 'Save Link As...' when downloading so your browser does not try to interpret the contents of the image.

    HP-UX 10.20 ( image)

  2. HP-UX 11.0/HP-UX 11.11 ( image)

  3. Verify the correct file size by running ls -l on the file (a short file will cause checksum errors when you unzip).  All the examples below assume you saved the file as /tmp/nnmeval.targz.

    ls -l /tmp/nnmeval.targz

    The correct size is:

    • HP-UX 10.20:    bytes
    • HP-UX 11.x:    bytes
  4. You will need GNU zip to uncompress the files. It is available on many HP-UX systems as /usr/contrib/bin/gunzip. If gunzip is not available on your system, you can download source or a compiled executable from http://www.gzip.org.  You will also need a password to decrypt the image.  This password was mailed to you after you filled out the NNM evaluation form.
    Run the commands as user root:
    1. mkdir /tmp/DEPOT
    2. cd /tmp/DEPOT
    3. cat /tmp/nnmeval.targz | crypt password | gunzip -c | tar xvf -
    4. ./install         # let the wizard lead you through installation
  5. Examine /var/adm/sw/swagent.log for any "ERROR" or "WARNING" strings.

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